Shayan Zadeh is founder and CEO of Leap Rail, a health tech startup helping hospital and surgery center administrators to run more profitable, efficient, and streamlined operating suites by bringing data hidden in the EMR to life through artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Previously, Shayan co-founded Zoosk, one of the world’s largest online dating platforms and a top 10 grossing app in the Apple App Store. Shayan led Zoosk as CEO for 7 years, raising over $60M in venture capital and growing the company to over $200M in annual revenue. Prior to founding Zoosk, Shayan was a program manager and software engineer at Microsoft.

Shayan received a Master in Computer Science from University of Maryland and an MBA from University of Washington. He has been named to 40 Under 40 list by San Francisco Business Times and Alumni Hall of Fame by University of Maryland.

In addition, Shayan is an angel investor and advisor to startups including Sherbit, Mavatar, SnapShip, PaperKarma (acquired by reputation.com), Identified (acquired by Workday) and AppComputing. In his free time, Shayan enjoys bicycling, tennis, and playing with his dog, Ivy.

Publications & Patents

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