seriousShayan Zadeh is a technology entrepreneur. Along with his long time friend Alex Mehr, Shayan co-founded Zoosk , one of the world’s largest online dating platforms and a top 10 grossing app in the Apple App Store. Shayan led the company as CEO for 7 years. Under his leadership, Zoosk reached over $200 million in revenue and employed over 200 people. Prior to founding Zoosk, Shayan was a program manager and software engineer for Microsoft.

Shayan received a Master of Science in Computer Science from University of Maryland, and a Master in Business Administration from University of Washington. While completing his undergraduate degree in computer science at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Shayan met co-founder Alex Mehr. Shayan and Alex initially intended to pursue careers in academia, but ultimately decided to become entrepreneurs while they were roommates at the University of Maryland.

In addition, Shayan is an angel investor and advisor to startup companies including PaperKarma (acquired by reputation.com), Identified (acquired by Workday) and AppComputing. In his free time, Shayan enjoys bicycling, tennis, and playing with his dog, Ivy.

Contact Info

email: shayan at zadeh dot us

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/shayang

Twitter: @shayang